photo of Cindy Young including sketch overlay


Always learning

I've been sharpening my design skills for twenty years. A lot of that has looked like page design for magazines and book publishers. But, I've always practiced design as something much deeper and richer than the visuals, colors, and fonts.

I've been about process and usability all along, whether restructuring a magazine with departments to better house content or building a template to streamline process and maximize earnings for a publisher.

I'm a self-motivated, life-long student. I love to research a problem, chart a solution, and then if need be, learn whatever tools are needed to get it done. Right now, I'm sharpening my coding skills.

Design is more than a job to me. Not so long ago, I was a nursing student exploring if a career change would satisfy my desire to help people. Although I learned many things during my 320+ hours in the hospital, I also came to the firm conclusion that design gets at the heart of who I am and good design does help people.